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Operation Mobility Tour

May 27 – Aug 11


About the Tour

The Operation Mobility Tour is a cross-country event hosted by the national nonprofit SoldierStrong in partnership with Mobius Mobility to donate iBOT® PMD mobility devices, designed by world-renowned inventor Dean Kamen, to wounded veterans and Veterans Affairs medical facilities. Donations of these $35,000-a-piece, high-tech mobility devices will take place at 25 VA medical centers from coast-to-coast during the 2.5-month tour. Those events will consist of demonstrations and guest speakers, including Dean Kamen, SoldierStrong co-founder and chairman Chris Meek, existing iBOT users, VA physicians and leaders, and elected officials.

Operation Mobility will consist of multi-day trips with intermittent breaks to re-stock and re-position its tour bus between longer legs of the journey. It will start in East Orange, N.J., on May 27, travel along the East Coast, through the South on to the West Coast before returning through the upper Midwest and concluding in Syracuse, N.Y., on Aug. 4.

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Tour Schedule

  • 05/27/21 – East Orange, NJ
  • 06/07/21 – Boston HCS – VAMC Boston, MA
  • 06/08/21 – VAMC Bronx, NY
  • 06/10/21 – VAMC Richmond, VA
  • 06/11/21 – VAMC Hampton, VA
  • 06/14/21 – VAMC Augusta, GA
  • 06/16/21 – VAMC Tampa, FL
  • 06/17/21 – VAMC Miami, FL
  • 06/21/21 – VAMC Houston, TX
  • 06/22/21 – VAMC San Antonio, TX
  • 06/23/21 – VAMC Dallas, TX
  • 06/25/21 – VAMC Memphis, TN
  • 06/28/21 – VA St. Louis HCS
  • 06/30/21 – Denver
  • 07/12/21 – VA New Mexico HCS, NM
  • 07/15/21 – VA San Diego HCS, CA
  • 07/16/21 – VAMC Long Beach, CA
  • 07/19/21 – VAMC Palo Alto, CA
  • 07/22/21 – VA Puget Sound HCS – VAMC Seattle, WA
  • 07/27/21 – VA HCS Minneapolis, MN
  • 07/29/21 – VA Great Lakes HCS – VAMC Milwaukee, WI
  • 07/30/21 – VA Great Lakes HCS – VAH Hines, IL
  • 08/02/21 – VAMC Cleveland, OH
  • 08/04/21 – VAMC Syracuse, NY
  • 08/11/21 – VAMC San Juan, PR
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What is an iBot?

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The iBOT® PMD utilizes advanced electronics, sensors, battery technology, and software so you can go where you want to go. Barriers to accessibility are too common out in the world. Overcome them with an iBOT® PMD.


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Helping veterans take their next steps forward in life.

Helping veterans take their next steps forward in life.

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